Depth Perception

Apparently, I have a habit of dropping my glasses in the drink.  The main problem is that I like to hook them on the collar of my shirt.  But they aren’t secure there, and if I bend over they slip off and the next thing I hear is the splash.

Now this doesn't happen in crystal clear tropical beach kind of water, only in dirty murky water with who-knows-what on the bottom.  I’m no fan of murky water, and the last thing I want to do is get in it and search around down there.

So the first time I dropped my glasses, about two years ago, I said “Oh well” and bought a new pair.  A new pair was about $400.  Then when it happened again last year, I called a diver to have the bottom of the boat cleaned and mentioned, “Oh, by the way, could you look for a pair of glasses right about here”?  He found them with no problem and I got the bottom cleaned for about $80.  Good deal.

We place a big emphasis in this life of ours on taking care of ourselves.  I won’t always be able to whip out my credit card, or call on someone else to help. I have spare glasses, but I also try harder not to drop them in the first place, and take more responsibility when I do. 

So when I dropped them again a couple weeks ago I sighed and said, “Aaron, get my mask and fins”.