Haulout 2013, Day Five

We got the shafts out. It took an impact wrench and a puller to drive the couplings off. 

The shafts themselves looked okay.  They’ll still go the shop and get checkedout, just to make sure.  We’re waitinguntil the new engines are in place to do that because one of the shafts mayneed to be shortened.  It turns out thatthe port strut is 2” farther from the stern tube than the starboard one is.  It hurts my head to think about what thatdoes to all my careful calculations.

We took the Max-Prop feathering propellers apart and theylooked good.  They were set for 18degrees, left rotation for the port side and right rotation for starboard.  We’ll reset them to both be 20 degrees, andleft-handed.  So no more counter-rotation.  It was just too complicated to keep, and fromwhat I’m told, no real benefit.  We’llsee.

Cleaning continues.  Unfortunately,Paul thinks he’s a lot closer to being finished than I do.  Poor guy. That’s definitely not the fun part of the job.  He can only handle it for a few hours a day.

The engine delivery is scheduled for tomorrow.