For some reason, most of the pictures we took in the Bahamas turned out beautifully.  The colors… the light… the scenery… it was really hard to take a bad picture.  I must say that it went to my head a little.  Suddenly I had standards for when a picture was good enough.  Suddenly I wanted to spend a bunch of money on a camera that lived up to those standards.  And suddenly, now that we’ve left the Bahamas, all our pictures suck.  That explains the lack of them recently, by the way.  

I really know next to nothing about photography.  I’m a point-and-shoot kind of guy.  So when looking at DSLR cameras I was a little bit daunted by all the specs and features and lenses.  I talked to a friend of ours who is a real photographer and Peter was able to make a specific “you should get this camera” recommendation.  His suggestion was a Canon EOS Rebel T3.

It arrived yesterday, and though I’ve done little more than take it out of the box at this point, I hope that we’ll have better pictures showing up soon.

I’m not really looking for a hobby, but after getting this fancy camera, I should probably at least learn the basics.  What I need now is a subject to practice on… something that looks interesting… something that people want to see… something that doesn’t move too much… something like a baby…  a baby!  

Now all I need is a baby.  One should be delivered any day now, but those don't ship with tracking numbers.