Haulout 2013, Days Nine and Ten

While the boat is out of the water we’ve rented a condo on the beach to be our base of operations.  Tanya travels with the kids during the week and the condo is little more to me than a place to crash.  But weekends are different and we play hard.  After a week in Atlanta, the kids were ready for some salt water.
Our normal beach spot has a nice surf break for the older kids and a gentle grade where Rachel can play, but we couldn’t find any places to rent that had good surfing conditions.  The beach at our condo is good for only one thing… getting pounded by waves.
We’ve joined a sailing center here in Ft Pierce.  Our membership gives us unlimited access to the center’s Hobie cats, Lasers, 420s, Flying Scots, Optis, wind surfers, SUPs, and kayaks.  The three older kids are enrolled in weekend classes for learning to sail and race Optimist prams, while Tanya and I take the younger kids sailing in a bigger boat.
The new week will mean a new phase of the repower project.  It’s out with the old, and in with the new.  I’ve already installed the new engine panels and begun running the new wiring harnesses.  I think by Day Twelve we should be putting the new engines in the boat.