The Plan

To live “outside the box,” to learn something about the world and its people while traveling as a family, and to share our adventures and inspire others!

Best Photo of Take Two Sailing, Montserrat 2016
Take Two sailing (Montserrat, 2016)
Crew of Take Two, Charleston, 2014 “History Cruise”
Crew Learning to Ski, 2014
Crew of Take Two swimming in the Tongue of the Ocean, Bahamas, 2014
Francis, Boiling Lake Hike, Dominica
Hiking crew, Boiling Lake, Dominica, 2016
Mi hermano Deibi and kids
Crew of Take Two with Venezuelan “hermano” Deibi, Panama, 2017
Kids at the Peak
Crew of Take Two, Providencia, Isla de Colombia, 2018
Kids Diving, Roatan
Divers of Take Two, Roatan, Honduras, 2018
Crew of Take Two, Tikal Mayan Ruins
Crew of Take Two at Mayan pyramids in Tikal, Guatemala, 2018
Take Two in Boot Key Harbor
Take Two flying flags from the Caribbean Cruise, 2016-2019