Daily Log

Day 1   We left the marina at 10am and spend the night at Egmont Key.

Day 2   Sailed all day and motored all night.

Day 3   Sighted land at about 10:45am.

Day 4   Did the high dive and swam. Toured the fort.

Day 5   Went to the fort and swam. Snorkled in the afternoon.

Day 6   Did chores early and swam. Snorkled in the afternoon. Saw a sunken ship.

Day 7   Left for the Marquesas at about 7am.

Day 8   Left for Boca Grande Key.

Day 9   Arrived in Key West. Ice Cream!

Day 10   Grandparents came to visit. Went to Aquarium and Pirate Museum. 

Day 11   Southernmost Point. Sunset at Mallory Square.

Day 12   Leaving Key West.