Anchor Light Replacement

Eli changed a bulb at the top of the mast yesterday.  We’re now on our third Dr. LED anchor light.  I’m about ready to give them up.  Not just because they’re $50 a pop, but I alsodon’t particularly enjoy the ride to the top of the mast. 

Eli does. 
He’s our climber, and was excited that I’d let him go up.  We’ve tried projects aloft before, but onceat the top he hasn’t been able to get the job done.  This time he did though, while I stood ondeck wringing my hands that he might drop something.  I’m proud of him. 
He did only change a light bulb, but he wasable to do a chore for me that I didn’t want to do myself, and he succeeded where he had previously failed.  I long for the day when the kids are able tohelp more. 

If this bulb fails, we'll goback to an incandescent bulb in the short term and then maybe try an LED from
Bebi Electronics.