Go South?

We're in Little Harbor tonight, which is the southern extremity of the Sea of Abaco and therefore the end of the Abaco cruising grounds.  We're looking at the exit.  From here it is 45 nm to Eleuthera and then about that far again to the Exumas.  We won't go right now.  My parents arrive in a few days for a week of sailing with us.  But maybe after that.

We didn’t know how this cruise was going to play out. We never do. Because we live, work, and school on the boat, we aren’t subject to fixed schedules and concrete plans. Technically, we left for a 2-week cruise from Bradenton six months ago.

We came to the Abacos with the expectation that we would spend 3 months here. Essentially spending the winter before heading to where we would have the baby, presumably Florida. Now, after only a little more than 2 weeks, we’re feeling kinda “been there, done that” about the Abacos. There are a few places we haven’t explored, and a few places we could spend more time… but 10 more weeks?

I’m surprised to feel like Captain Go, because usually I’m Captain Stay. We were in Boot Key Harbor for 5 months. We eventually made some great shoreside friends there as we did in Bradenton, and really would like to make that kind of connection everywhere we go, but that takes time. To settle in a place comfortably for awhile we would want a few things that we aren’t likely to find here.

Everyone who’s been there has said we would like the Exumas better and should go. I don’t disagree with that advice, but as we move farther from Florida it becomes more difficult to return. And since I haven’t mentally committed to not returning, I’m reluctant to take that next step.

We’re in a precarious position because we’ve talked about serious long-term departure, but haven’t yet made the decision to actually do it. We’ve been playing the baby step game, where we push the envelope in small increments, and so far that has worked very well. But there comes a point where you’re not playing anymore, and this feels like it.

If I had to decide today, I’d go; still with the intention of returning to Florida, but also the recognition that a return is less likely. We’re committed to being here at least another week, so we’ll wait and see how that goes before making any decisions. Retracing our steps and seeing some places a second time may make us feel differently.