Family To-Do List

While we were still in the Bahamas and looking forward to returning home, we made a list with the kids over dinner one night of all the things we wanted to do this summer.  Some of these things are already done, or on the calendar, and some I know won't happen.  There are also other things that belong here, but I'll leave them off to remain true to the original list.

Japanese Steakhouse
Disney World/EPCOT
Monster Truck Show
Lowry Park Zoo
Family Mini Golf
Cayo Costa with T family
Take friends sailing (Jonah & Leyla, Drew)
Visit Cousins in Naples
Visit the Windsor
Tortugas with F family
Fantasy of Flight
Dinosaur World
Water Park
Boys Shooting
Kennedy Space Center
County/State Fair
Laser Tag
Planet Jump
Guitar & Piano Lessons
Sweet Tomatoes
Go to Church
Coldstone Creamery
BBQ at Mimi's
Airplane (the movie)