Winter Weather

The temperature this morning is 45F degrees and the wind is blowing 22-28 knots.  We recorded a gust of 44.5 knots sometime during the night.  That might be a personal record.  The forecasted high today is 52 and the low tonight is 24.  The little voice in my head is doing a Sam Kinison impersonation.

The fact is we’re here by choice.  Maybe not a conscious choice, but it was our own decisions that caused us to be here.  This weather is a disappointment, but not really a surprise.  Two years ago it was a surprise.  We’re still hoping, perhaps in vain, that it will be a mild winter, but also wishing we were somewhere else.  I feel a resolution coming on.

We know some people are abandoning their boats and heading to friends’ houses and hotels tonight.  We're going to stick it out.  We’ve learned that we can get pretty good results from four 600W space heaters spread around the boat.  It’ll still be cold, for sure, but hopefully tolerable.  At least there isn’t supposed to be any wind.