Jay and I are snowed in at the moment, which keeps us from posting. Not that we're not writing, just not finishing anything right now because we're up to our eyeballs in work.

Boat projects are his specialty, so I'll let him update when they're done, but they are tapering off at this point and we're thinking that it's time to stop working on the boat and go enjoy it for awhile.

In addition to the regular workload of home-schooling, bread-baking, and cloth-diapering, I've added a celestial navigation class to my schedule. It's really cool, something I've wanted to do for a long time, but balance goes out the window when I'm trying to work out the latitude from a noon sight. I'm feeling very compassionate towards my children right now, as learning something new humbles me. I think I know why they cry over long division and fractions.

When I come up for a breath of air, I'll write about why something so archaic as celestial made it onto our list of priorities.