From the Archive: Fear and Regret

We celebrated a milestone this April: four years since we took the plunge and set out in uncharted water. That's right, it's the anniversary of the start of our adventure with Take Two. I looked back over some old posts from way back and found this passage that made me tear up–call me sappy, but dang it, we did it! And both the boat and our family are the better for it.

Excerpt from Fear and Regret (March 30, 2008)

We are, on the eve of “the point of no return” on this boat deal, alternately giving each other the pep talk. You can do this, we tell each other. It’s crazy, but we can do it anyway. We will, too. Just watch us. And if we do manage to do it, to actually acquire this worthy vessel, sail it around the peninsula and successfully dock it, take it for short cruises, learn to live with her and with each other, and to ultimately go exploring, it won’t be because we deserved it, nor because we were prepared, and it most certainly won’t be because we were unafraid, rather it will be despite those things.  We have decided to really live, or die trying.