Haulout 2012, Day Twenty

We have anthems on Take Two.  Songs (and movies, stories, poems, etc.) that we identify with for one reason or another and give frequent airtime.  Today’s song is “Back in Black” by AC/DC.  While we play this one pretty often anyway, it has special importance today because we’ve finally finished the bottom job portion of this haulout.  Blasting, filling, fairing, four coats of epoxy barrier paint, and three coats of black bottom paint.  Twenty days of work.  Three hundred man-hours.  Twelve thousand dollars.  Smoke ‘em if you’ve got ‘em, folks.  'Cause we’re back.  Yes, we’re back.  Well, we’re back.  Yes, we’re back.  We're back in black.

Back in Black

But we're still not finished, no.  We have yet to repair the damaged bridgedeck strake, finish drying the bridgedeck and fill all the holes we drilled, barrier coat, and paint it.  We're going red again.  Toreador Red.  Sounds awesome, doesn't it?  Olé!  We'll also repaint the bootstripe while we're at it.

Splash date is Day 27 when we'll give up our spot in the yard to the Tag 60 Tang.