Generator Teardown, Day 4

On Day 4 they removed the other two pistons, the crankshaft, and the camshaft.   

What I found most remarkable about these pieces was the precision of the machine work and the intricacy of the lubrication system.  I really thought that oil just kind of splashed around in there. No, there is a pump, a gallery, and tiny little paths for the oil to flow through and keep all the parts moving smoothly.  It’s ingenious.

This is pretty close to the end of the project.  We’ll have one more review session, and then we’ll take a field trip to the scrap yard.  My original goal was to have them put it back together, but I’m not sure there is much value in that.  I think they get it.

Removing Crankshaft

Crank and Camshaft

Oil Pump

Empty Block