Haulout 2013, Day Eighteen

We’re behind schedule.  Today is Day 18 and we’re trying to launch on Day 22, which is the day we lose the condo.
If I were trying to be positive, I would start with what has been accomplished in the last five days.  Soo… the port engine is almost completely hooked up!  The raw water thru-hull, strainer, vented loop have all been installed.   The battery, switch, and cables have all been installed.  The fuel hose and filter have been installed.  
I know that sounds like one day of work, but it isn’t.  Along the way, lots of things have been changed.  I’m trying hard not to let the place look like it was put together by a double-jointed 8-year-old.  It’s hard.
All the port engine still needs is an exhaust system.  The new exhaust ports have been installed, but the surge chambers are still being fabricated.  I’m reluctant to put exhaust hose on the engine until it has been aligned to the shaft.
Oh, the shafts!  When we left off on Day 13 the propeller shafts had been put back in to figure out rough engine placement, and we determined that we needed some shims to raise the engines an inch before we could make a final decision.  We should have just used wood shims, but instead we lost a couple days while steel shims were fabricated.  
When we finally got the shafts to the prop shop, they said we can’t use the new coupling flanges that came with the engines because they don’t fit the old shafts, new shafts they have in stock won’t fit our propellers, and our old flanges won’t fit the new transmissions.  Ugh.  The most expedient solution is to fabricate new coupling flanges for the old shafts.  That’s fine, but it takes time.  
Otherwise, the patched thru-hulls need to be faired and painted.  The props need to be adjusted, reinstalled, and painted.  A new thru-hull needs to be installed for the generator.  Oh, and all that stuff that we did for the port engine still needs to be done on the starboard side.
So tired.