Nav Station Complete

The new nav station is installed, and we couldn't be happier with it. 


It has lots of drawers and little storage places.  The office chair used to be down in our starboard hull, but we decided that wasn't working and impeded access to the new forward bathroom.    

Tanya traded quite a bit of cabinet space for the new washer/dryer, but she seems to be coming out okay through more efficient use of space in the new galley drawers.  Unfortunately, I did something to my right knee which has put a damper on the boat project progress, so the washer/dryer is not yet hooked up.  It needs power, water, drain, and vent lines run through the adjacent bulkhead to the bathroom-turned-pantry there.

Washer Dryer

The crib is nearing completion and will be the next piece to get installed.  After seeing the look of the new furniture, we decided to go ahead with new galley countertop and a new salon table of the same wood.  The galley already has new drawer banks, and the table will have additional drawers and shelves in its base that should help with storage.  We're also nearing completion on the new catwalk design, so that will be built in the coming weeks.  The new bathroom is still undergoing trials and there will be post on it soon.

The one thing this new nav station doesn't have room for?

Homeless Charts

Paper charts.