Haulout 2013, Day Three

Day Three was blessedly free of surprises.  Except it rained in the morning, so I couldn’t attack the deck patches first thing.  Instead, I removed the exhaust system: mufflers, exhaust ports, and about 25 feet of hose.  I’ve never wrestled a python, but I think it’s probably a lot like handling exhaust hose.
In the afternoon I tackled the patches.  Attempts to cleanly separate the two-inch-wide bead of 5200 on Day One failed miserably.  So today I cut out the centers of the patches, which accomplished the goal of being able to lift the engines out, and then I went about removing the remaining frames from the deck.  With the centers removed, so was much of the plywood’s strength.  A wood chisel and 2-lb hammer easily took off the frames, except for the bottom ply which was firmly attached to the deck by the 5200.
At this point, one of my tools paid for itself, so I’d like to take a moment to appreciate it and the large proportion of my other power tools that I used today.  Last year I sang the praises of Ben’s Festool sander, and I was prepared to go that route on the 5200, but I was really concerned about damaging the surrounding deck.  Instead I tried an oscillating multi-tool, which heretofore I’d considered a fad tool; one that looked good on TV, but solved few real problems.  It failed to cut through the caulk on Day One, but with all but one ply of wood removed, it was very effective today.  Ironically, it wasn’t the “caulk knife” blade that I found most helpful, but the dull “scraper” blade.
Tools I used today:  Milwaukee 12V multi-tool tool, 12V subcompact driver, and 12V jigsaw.  DeWalt 18V 3-speed drill and 18V cordless vacuum (DC515).  DeWalt 4-1/2” angle grinder.  RIDGID 5HP vacuum.
Tools I wanted to use, but didn’t need:  Milwaukee 12V right-angle drill and 12V digital inspection camera.  DeWalt 18V reciprocating saw and 18V circular saw.  Bosch palm router.  Craftsman rotary tool.
Pretty fair collection for a boat, I’d say.  And this stuff is aboard full-time.  Where do I keep it all?  Normally down in my starboard-hull workroom, but for the next couple weeks they’re living it up smack dab on the salon table.  Don’t tell Tanya.  When the wife’s away, the tools will play.
Of course, no list of tools can be complete without my daily drivers.  While not power tools, they make up for it in usefulness.  These would be my Leatherman Charge ALX multi-tool, and a roll of 3M 8979 duct tape.  If MacGyver were still around, that’s what he’d use.
P.S. Many of the tools mentioned above were gifts.  Thanks Dad.