Haulout 2013, Day Four

Today was the first official day of the project and it got off to a great start.  Both engines were pulled out and sitting on the deck by 10am.
[flickr: 9778743961]
[flickr: 9778749521]
[flickr: 9779024133]
We pulled out the thru-hulls (because those are getting changed) and got started cleaning out the engine rooms.  The cleaning is probably going to take several days.  I tried to get the shafts out, but have not been able to get the couplings off yet.  It rained all afternoon, which put a damper on the day’s overall progress.
I rescheduled the engine delivery because of the rain, and my doubt about being able to find a certain forklift operator on a rainy afternoon.  I also realized there wasn’t a rush to get the crane here to do the swap until the engine rooms were ready.  The new engines are better off in their crates until then.